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watercolor clouds Before becoming a therapist, I served as a teacher for nearly a decade. My parents were educators as well, and these experiences provided a foundation which has become the cornerstone of this practice. The mightiest tool for handling life's various challenges, is knowledge. The term "knowledge is power" maybe somewhat trite, but I have consistently seen that equipping people with information is transformative.

Learning about how our brains respond to things can help us to step back and see things in a different light, to allow ourselves to assess those reactions from a safer place. I feel privileged to be able to walk with you, as you make your way to real health.
Counseling services are tailored to assist clients in meeting personal, social & career goals. Mental health services are provided as consistent with State of Ohio Counselor & Social Worker Board, Marriage & Family Therapist Board Laws & Rules as well as American Counseling Association Code of Ethics.
Caritas Counseling, LLC is committed to positive growth & development of clients, building on client strengths & well-being. Services are tailored to respond to client need.

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Caritas Counseling, LLC Wall of Fame

Thank you to my family & friends who provided invaluable support in beginning Caritas Counseling, LLC

And without whose support Caritas Counseling would not be possible:

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Joe DeLeone, Tony DeLeone, Jeannie Ward & Joanna Cammel
Peter Baker, Rick Baker, Patrick Baker & Rita Baker
Lori Mills & Larry Cook
Joe Karpinski, Kathy Karpinski & Joey Karpinski
Marianne Spiros
Tony Masiella
Kevin Cook & Rich Cook
Elaine Girard
Ralph Phipps
Laurie Eisaman
Sharla Renee




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